All about Types of Residential Roofing

What is considered mostly when it comes to residential roofing is the structure and roofing materials. Gable, cross gable, hip, and flat are examples of the roofing structures found in residential homes. You might come across some roofs with combination of those structures out there. What is the most important part when it comes to roofing is the materials used to make them. There is a difference when it comes to residential homes and this difference is brought by the roofing materials used. When it comes to roofing materials, it does not matter how your roof is structured. Asphalt, wood shake, metal, clay, and slate are example of the roofing materials used to make roofs. Learn more about Springfield's best roof repair service, go here.

Among those types of roofing materials, the most popular ones is the asphalt roofs. When they are compared with other types of roofs, they are more affordable which is why they are popular. These types of roofs can withstand different kinds of weather, and that’s why many people buy them. Although it depends with the climate in your region, most asphalt roofs last for more than ten years. Maintenance work and repair of their these types of roofs are easy which is another reason as to why they are bought by many people. Asphalt roofs are different because they come with different colors and styles.

Roofs are different, and wood shake roofs are also examples of the different types of roofs. These roofs add an elegant look to homes if they are appropriately maintained. Asphalt roofs and wooden shale roofs are different when it comes to durability because wooden shake roofs last even more than fifty years. Those people who would like to enjoy a natural look on their roofs should buy wood shake roofs. It is worth to buy them even if they are expensive because of their prolonged lifespan. However, these types of roofs are not popular because they are not resistant to fire and also come with fewer colors. Find out for further details on Springfield gutter installation right here.

Roofs of residential homes are many because even metal roofs are examples of them. Their durability is what makes them better than other types of roofs. Some of the metallic materials used to make these types of roofs are copper, tin, and aluminum. People have different choices when it comes to styles which is why they are made with various metals. When other types of residential roofing are compared with metal roofing, they are a bit expensive. You will have to hire a roofing contractor to do the installation job because installing them isn’t an easy job. What makes many people buy these types of roofs is that they need few maintenance routines. There are also other types of residential roofing called clay roofs. Clay tiles are used to make these types of roofs.